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What Type of Link Building Still Works In 2016
October 14, 2016 (Comments Off on What Type of Link Building Still Works In 2016)

Link building is a practice that has been in effect for a number of years on the Internet. It is the process of putting a link on your website that goes to someone else’s website, or someone puts a link on their website that goes to your site. Not only do links bring traffic from […]

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Top 10 Questions To Ask Your SEO Company
February 05, 2016 (Comments Off on Top 10 Questions To Ask Your SEO Company)

SEO companies can do wonders for your company, helping you boost your rankings on search engines and earning you more visitors to your website. In today’s world that revolves around the internet, more and more SEO companies are starting to appear, but not all are created equally. Before hiring one to promote your brand, you […]

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Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization is the process of optimizing websites so that they will convert visitors into customers. Each site requires a unique conversion optimization strategy, that captilizes on the strengths of that site. SEO experts identifiy these strengths to craft a succesful conversion strategy to turn visitors into customers.

We use analytics to track and record the conversion rate of visitors to your website. In many cases we will need to apply trial and error techniques to rasie your conversion percentages.

SEO and Conversion share the same goal and work hand in hand together to accomplish the goal of first getting them to the customers website and then second of getting them to purchase products or call your business for services.

Conversion optimization, like SEO, isn’t a once and done type of project. It’s an integral part of the new internet marketing strategies. The top SEO experts will do more than optimize a home page or run a A to B test. They will integrate conversion optimization into the day to day business practices.

Good SEO companies know that short-cuts aren’t the answer. Request a Quote from Gorilla Placement to get started today.

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